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Michael Vaslikax

Michael Vaslikax

Founder and Director
Highly skilled professional with a diverse skill set, excelling in multiple fields of expertise.
  • Experience :
    15 Years
  • Responsibility: :
    IT Department
  • Fax :
    +255 759 718 718


Michael Vaslikax is a highly skilled professional with a diverse skill set, excelling in multiple fields of expertise. With a passion for technology, telecommunication, and design, he has established himself as a proficient IT technician, network administrator, telecommunication expert, electrician, and graphic designer. This biography will delve into his journey, highlighting his accomplishments and the contributions he has made to these industries.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in a technologically inclined family, Michael Vaslikax developed a keen interest in computers and electronics from a young age. He was fascinated by how machines worked and was constantly curious about the intricacies of technology. His passion led him to pursue a degree in Information Technology from a prestigious university, where he gained a solid foundation in computer science, networking, and software development. Alongside his formal education, Michael’s thirst for knowledge prompted him to explore additional areas of interest, such as telecommunication, electrical systems, and graphic design.

Michael Vaslikax began his career as an IT technician, showcasing his technical prowess through efficient troubleshooting and ensuring smooth computer system operations. With a deep understanding of networks, he seamlessly transitioned into a network administrator role, excelling in designing, implementing, and maintaining secure and scalable infrastructures. Additionally, his expertise in telecommunication allowed him to optimize network performance and provide seamless connectivity solutions. Michael’s pursuit of expanding his skill set led him to become a certified electrician, enabling him to handle installations and repairs with meticulous attention to detail. Moreover, he ventured into graphic design, demonstrating his creativity in creating visually appealing designs that combine aesthetics and functionality. Throughout his journey, Michael has implemented network security measures, enhanced connectivity, provided innovative electrical solutions, and delivered stunning designs, earning the respect of colleagues and clients through his dedication and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


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